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National Node of the BCH

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National Focal Point

Name Link Logo
Ministry of Environment & Wildlife Resources http://msdw.gov.lk/ sl_logo.png

National Competent Authority (NCA)

Name Link Logo
Ministry of Environment & Wildlife Resources http://env.gov.lk/ sl_logo.png

competent Authority (SCA)

Name Link Logo
Department of Animal Production & Health http://www.daph.gov.lk sl_logo.png
Department of Agriculture https://www.doa.gov.lk sl_logo.png
Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources https://www.fisheriesdept.gov.lk sl_logo.png
Department of Health Service http://www.ep.gov.lk sl_logo.png
Department of Wildlife Conservation http://www.dwc.gov.lk sl_logo.png
Ministry of Industry and Commerce http://www.industry.gov.lk sl_logo.png
Ministry of Science, Technology and Research http://www.mostr.gov.lk/ sl_logo.png

Other relevant agencies

No relevant agencies as yet

Testing laboratories

Reference Laboratory

Name Contact Details Website
Agriculture Biotechnology Centre (AgBC) Faculty of Agriculture
University of Peradeniya
Sri Lanka
E Mail: agbc@pdn.ac.lk / agbcpera@gmail.com
Tel:+94 812 387180

National Laboratories

Name Contact Details Website
Industrial Technology Institute (ITI) 363, baudhaoloka Mw
Colombo 07
Sri Lanka
E Mail: info@iti.lk
Tel:+94-11-2379800 ext496
National Plant Quarantine Services (NPQS) Canada Friendship Road
Sri Lanka
E Mail: npqs@doa.gov.lk
Tel:+94 112 252 028 +94 112 252 029

Other facilities

Name Contact Details Website
Department of Government Analyst Tel::+94 812 387180 View
Sri Lanka Customs No.40, Main Street
Colombo 11
Sri Lanka
Tel:+94 11 2143434 /Tele: +94 11 2221602-3