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2020-02-22 15:29 UTC (sec@mahaweli.gov.lk)

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  • Sri Lanka
  • Sri Lanka
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Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, Act No. 2 of 1996
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  • Law
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  • Competent National Authorities and National Focal Points
  • LMOs for direct use as food
  • LMOs for processing
  • Transboundary movement (import/export)
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The Act provides for the management, regulation, conservation and development of fisheries and aquatic resources in Sri Lanka. For the purpose of this act, the term "aquatic resources" means living aquatic organisms and includes any seaweed, phytoplankton or other aquatic flora and non-living substances found In an aquatic medium. The term "fish" means any aquatic organism, whether piscine or not, and Includes any shellfish, crustacean, pearl oyster, mollusk, holothurian, or aquatic mammal and its young, fry, eggs or spawn and includes zooplankton.
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Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources
New Secretariat
Colombo 10, Western
Sri Lanka, 01000
Phone:+94 112 446 183 [Ext: 200],+94 112 449 170,+94 112 472 187
Fax:+94 112 449 170
Additional Information
Additional Information
Section 30 of the Act states the Minister may in consultation with the Minister in charge of the subject of trade, by order published in Gazette, and having regard to the need to protect the aquatic resources of Sri Lanka, prohibit or regulate the export from, or import into, Sri Lanka of any species of fish including live fish or any eggs, roe or spawn or any products prepared from such fish, eggs, roe or spawn at other aquatic resources for such period of time as may be specified in the Order.