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2005-05-10 14:34 UTC (andrew.bowers@cbd.int)
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2020-02-22 17:09 UTC (sec@mahaweli.gov.lk)

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  • Sri Lanka
  • Sri Lanka
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Consumer Affairs Authority Act, No 9 of 2003
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  • Law
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  • Handling, transport, packaging and identification
  • Public awareness and participation
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  • All types of organisms
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The Act has provision to establish the consumer affairs authority; to promote effective competition and the protection of consumers; to regulate internal trade and establish a consumer affairs council. 
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The reference is invalid, the item may have been unpublished.
Additional Information
Additional Information
Section 10 (1) of the Act states that the Authority may, for the protection of the consumer- (a) issue general directions to manufacturers or traders in respect of labelling, price marking, packeting, sale or manufacture of any goods.
Section 12 (2) states that the Authority may by Notification published in the Gazette adopt such standards and specifications prescribed by the Sri Lanka Standards Institution established by the Sri Lanka Standards Institution Act, No. 6 of 1984, relating to the production, manufacture, supply, storage, transportation and sale of any goods, and to the supply of any services, as standards and specifications, to be determined under subsection. 
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